Roulette is an excellent game to play when you have time on your hands and want some exciting fun and entertainment, combined with a chance to win and win big. It’s one of the classic casino games that has been around for ages and that never gets old and boring.

You can play roulette online from anywhere at any time. It works well on any mobile device or desktop computer and you can play it on your own or with friends as you wish. It’s you, the player, against the roulette wheel. Nothing could be simpler.

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Our Ratings

When we rate casinos we look at several different aspects and set individual scores for them. Then, at the end, these scores are weighed together, to form the ultimate rating

  • Quality of playing experience – This is at the center of it all. If an online casino has a low quality user experience, with games that fail or are difficult to understand and play, there is no point.
  • Payouts for winners – There are well established norms for payouts but nonetheless casinos make up their own decisions about payouts. If you’re just playing occasionally this may not be a big deal but for the serious player, it makes all the difference
  • Game Rules – International roulette rules are well established, but each casino can make up its own special rules. Sometimes they may seem minor but even small things can make a big difference tipping the advantage more towards the house.

How To Play Roulette

Roulette is played with a ball that spins around a rotating wheel, with 37 pockets, numbered 0 to 36 and coloured red and black. Players bet on which pocket the ball will fall into by placing chips on a board.

The roulette board has fields for all the individual numbers as well as for odd/even and red/black. It also has fields for betting on number ranges. Bets are placed by putting chips in individual fields or, in some instances, across several number fields.

The maximum payout is 35 to 1, which is for a bet on a single, winning number.

Rules Of Roulette

The internationally recognized roulette rules date back all the way to 18th century France, where the game was first conceived. However, details vary across countries and individual casinos, regarding what bets are allowed and how big payouts are.

There are also other differences. On an American roulette table, for instance, you will find not 37, but 38 pockets, with the 38th pocket being a double zero. This is a seemingly minute change that will nonetheless tip the advantage towards the house in a substantial way.

Roulette Strategy

Thousands of books have been written about roulette strategy and today there is of course lots of information available online. For the most part, roulette strategies can be boiled down to a set of pretty simple rules to follow when betting.

The hardest thing as far as roulette strategy is involved is to actually follow it through and to not lose faith even when you’re losing money. Counter intuitive as it may seem, the purpose of a roulette strategy is exactly that: To establish how to play even when conditions are adverse, with the purpose of having you win in the long run.

Roulette App

Do you need a roulette app? Most online casinos have excellent websites that will give you a very satisfactory roulette experience in any mobile device as well as on your computer, but if you’re really only into roulette you may consider using a roulette app.

Playing roulette using an app may give you a slightly better experience but will also limit you to only playing roulette, but if that’s all you want to do it may be the perfect solution.

Roulette Casinos

All casinos are roulette casinos. You will have a hard time finding a casino, online or offline, that does not offer roulette, but of course there will be differences, small and big, between the offerings.

Use our casino reviews and guides to find the best roulette casinos, offering you the highest level of fun and entertainment combined with maximized winning opportunities.

Best Online Casinos for Roulette

What is the best online casino for Roulette? For sure the answer is different for each person, but there are some basic things that need to be in place for you to be able to have a good gaming experience.

Look at our casino guides and recommendations to find the best online casinos for roulette and then try them out yourself, to find your absolute favourite.

Live Vs Online

Playing live vs online roulette differs very little, but if you want to maximize your roulette experience, choose live roulette, which will give you the full on experience, including the wheel and croupier.

The rules and chances of winning are the same in online roulette but everything is computer simulated.

How To Play At A Casino

It’s very easy to play at the casino. The simplest way is to create a Paypal account that you can top up with money or connect to your credit card.

Most online casinos will have you playing within just a couple of minutes. Using modern payment methods makes it easier than ever to make a deposit and get to play and win for real.

Roulette Rules UK

The roulette rules of the UK are the same as roulette rules everywhere in the world, but you need to check the rules of the casino itself as they will vary quite a bit.

It’s especially important to check whether it’s European or American (with the double zero) roulette that is offered and if the payouts are on par with the internationally recognized rules, as this will highly affect your opportunities to earn any money at all.


Don’t start playing before bonushunting. For roulette players as well as those enjoying other casino games there are lots of good bonus offers around that will give you more play and more chances to win for your money.

Read our bonus guides and be sure to check the news from time to time as new bonus offers pop up all the time. Just because you started using a specific casino you should not feel obliged to stay there if there are better offers turning up elsewhere.