Gambling clinic for problem gamblers

In Leeds outside of London the first National Health Service gambling clinic. According to recent reports the clinic will not have any trouble finding patients. The reports state that there are over 10,000 gambling addicts in the city. If we look at the whole country there are about 430,000 problem gamblers whereof 2 million are at risk of becoming addicted to gambling. However there is only about 5% who seek help for their problem.

The Government have funded the clinic with £34 billion in order to keep the clinic on its long term plan. The clinic is a partnership between the gambling charity GamCare, the Leeds City Council and York Partnership National Health Service Foundation Trust.

They also receive funding from GambleAware, which is the largest gambling charity in the UK. Since the help you can get as a gambling addict should not be dependent on where you live the treatment network is expanding outside of London. The UK Health Secretary confirms that they have long term plans on expanding similar specialist services across the country.

Lately the number of persons getting addicted to gambling has increased. The British gambling industry currently generate over £7 billion per year. Therefore the National Health Service gambling clinic is very welcome.

The clinic is going to help both the addict themselves but also their family members and or friends that need help and support.

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